Audio Video, Home Theater and Computer Networks on Cape Cod

     Soundwaves of New England is concerned about the fragile environment and we realize the impact that our industry has on it. For that reason, we recycle all cardboard and plastic bags. Electronic equipment seems to produce these items in abundance and we believe that it is our duty minimize the impact on our planet.
     We are also screening all product for the RoHS stamp which is a directive for electronic manufacturers to not use certain hazardous material in their product. The Energy Star logo is also a consideration when purchasing product.

The newest technology emerging from the maddest scientists in the world are mostly geared towards Green. The single greatest potential is in new lighting, namely LED's These will replace regular incandescent and CFL lamps. They convert almost all of the energy they receive into useable light. And the ability to tune that light to exact and specific wavelengths will produce the most exact colors possible, at a fraction of the electricity used today. Home lighting control is another way to reduce your electricity bill (while helping the planet). Call us today to discuss your needs.

Here is a new and informative (2019) link to help describe all of the advantages of LED lighting, from Scotlight Direct in the UK.

Soundwaves recycles much of the garbage produced during a typical AV installation. Cardboard boxes, all plastic (bags and parts) and extra papers are ALL recycles at no extra charge to the customer. Soundwaves will also take your old product that is obsolete and we will break it down into it's recyclable parts to help lessen the amount that ends up in landfills.