Audio Video, Home Theater and Computer Networks on Cape Cod


 Home Theaters are usually defined as a room which is dedicated to only Home Theater. A multi-use room is more often called a Media Room. These rooms can fit into either category. One is located in an office and the other is a home theater room made more comfortable by using a sofa instead of theater seating.


McIntosh equipment are featured in this Media Room

Pull out and Swivel rack to access the back panels

Panamax surge protection and line conditioning are included.

Pioneer Elite installed in the custom alcove.

Thiel in-wall speakers supply the sound

Thiel in-wall speakers supply the sound

This Home Theater is also a family room, used for reading, relaxing or games, as well as 120" Hi Def viewing.

The equipment rack is self contained and self cooling

the 7.1 System encloses you in sound, while the JVC Pro projector delivers crystal clear video

PMC Front LCR speakers, Sonance and PMC in-wall for Surrounds are used with a PMC subwoofer.

Used here are AudioControl processing, amplification and equalization and Panamax UPS portection.

Drapes and lighting are also controlled by the single  URC MX-980 Remote Control.

This dedicated Home Theater uses a 106" Screen, JVC Pro Projector and Onkyo Processing

Sonance LCR1, SUR1 in-wall speakers and P800 In-wall Subs are used in this 7.2 Home Theater

The JPC Pro projector is in the back room where is projects through the viewport.