Audio Video, Home Theater and Computer Networks on Cape Cod


Clcik for larger imageSimply put, "Structured Wiring" refers to wire that carries Phone, Computer and Video to any and all parts of the house. The wallplate to the right represents one of many possibilities (We've even done double wallpaltes with 8 total computer jacks - whatever your needs are).

The cable used is a multi-function cable in one jacket (see the end-cut picture). Several variation of cable options are available. We work with you to help make your life easier - if you need only a phone outlet near the bed and one video outlet on the opposite wall, it's simple to accomplish.

Click on the image above  and see what the central distribution point looks like when it's done correctly. This organization allows for easy troubleshooting, simple upgrades and instant scalability. This "Structured Wiring Can" as it's called, supplies the home with 8 Phone outlets, 14 computer (ethernet) outlets and 16 Video feeds. It also utilized surge-protection for the whole Can and amplification for the video signal. With a single dedicated power circuit devoted to the can, re-booting you home is done with a single switch.

Structured Wiring Packages are relatively inexpensive and when they are done to the customer's specifications, can greatly improve the quality of lifestyle for the home owner.

A beefed-up version of Structured Wiring is "Future-Proofing" which takes the structure wiring package to the next level.