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URC Remotes on iDevices"The more versatile a tool, the harder it is to use." Does not really apply any more. Apple™'s iPad™ and iPhone™ have revolutionized the industry with Android™ following close behind.

My new saying is "Apple™ has transformed the AV industry more in the last two years than Sony had in the last two DECADES." The changes are coming on fast and strong. What was commonplace two years ago has been replaced with more efficient, easier to use and faster solutions. WiFi-n wireless network speed has allowed for more connections, more streaming and more options. As always, along with that comes more potential problems and headaches. Soundwaves is designed to make it as easy as possible to get the results you desire.

Here is why the iPad (as an example) is unique;
Usually a product is either a music/movie "source" (such as Radio the Cable Box, CD or DVD) or a "monitor" (such as a TV or Speaker), or a "control device" (such as a Universal Remote or a wall Keypad). The iPad is all three; I can use it as a music source while sending the signal wirelessly to an audio system, while using the iPad as the Control Device - or if I want to, I can send my iTunes™ directly to the iPhone to listen to my library on my computer, not on the phone.

Remember that any music service (Pandora™, XM™, Internet Radio, etc.) or movie streaming app that you have installed will be a "source" to your system(s). We all know about the popularity of earbuds attached to the device for personal listening, but ANY of that music can be streamed to the places you want it to go!

Now, we add the functionality of Apple's Airplay™ wireless streaming protocol and we can send ANY content from your iDevice to your distributed music system, or your home theater. Image sitting by the pool. You pick up your iPad and bring up Pandora. You start your favorite summer music "station" and hit a few buttons. Suddenly, the music emerges from your beautifully integrated outdoor rock speakers instead of you iPad. Full control at your fingertips...

Here are some examples of screenshots for the iPad and the iPhone utilizing apps from the manufacturers (Russound™, Onkyo™) or with third party apps (such as oRemote™ for Onkyo control). 

Russound's Whole-House Music Distribution can be completely controlled through their "My Russound" app. Here are examples of an iPad and an iPhone's screens with informational feedback.

YouTube video showing the operation of the My Russound app.

Onkyo network-ready surround & stereo Receivers have music streaming apps built right into them for simple integration. It can be controlled by, and provide feedback of, the music you are streaming. Above are a few screenshots of the third-party control app "oRemote".


Onkyo created an App for Android users to control the same equipment. Here is a video showing the operation.


Finally, the company that I recommend to control your audio and video systems are the universal remote of URC™ (Universal Remote Control). They offer a wide range of remotes that can be programmed with varying degrees of detail to custom suit your needs. Most of what can be programmed, can also be converted into a smartphone app for Complete Control™. 

Above are screenshots of examples of the Complete Control app

Above is the URC video on YouTube.