Audio Video, Home Theater and Computer Networks on Cape Cod


  Multi Zone System (sometimes called Multi-Room or Single Source)
     In this system, all of your stereo equipment in in one accessible area of the house. You can send any single source (a Source is one type of media; CD, Tape, iPod, FM, Digital Music, etc.) to any number of rooms (or Zones) at the same time. Each zone typically has a Volume Control (either normal, electronic or IR Remote) and one or more pair of speakers. All zones can play the same source at the same time.  Options allow you to change the source from any remote zone, or likewise bass and treble.

Multi Source System 
     In this system, all of your stereo equipment in in one accessible area. You can send any source  to any  zone simultaneously. As an example, Dad listens to the ball game on the radio in the garage while Mom is cooking to iPod tunes in the kitchen. At the same time, the MP3 Server is supplying background noise for the kids doing homework upstairs. And Grandpa on the back porch just loves the "Party Favorites" digital cable channel.
     Each zone typically has a Volume Control and a variety of ways to select the source.  You can turn on that zone or the whole system from any zone. Options allow you to see feedback (like a volume indicator, Satellite Radio channel, iPod info, etc.) on a small LCD display (see the keypad on right). 

Media Server Whole-House System (goes by many names)
     In this system, All of your sources are located in an out-of-the-way area. All of your CD's are converted and saved to a computer controlled Media Server. If you're adventurous, you can even do the same with all of your movies (and with some of the new downloadable movie site starting to pop up, then can be downloaded right to your server). In each zone, you will typically have some sort of involved keypad, remote control or more likely, a touch screen. This gives you unparalleled control of your entertainment environment.

     The new, up-and-coming lifestyle enhancement is plugging in your iPod to a dock, and while it charges, you can access any song, artist, album or playlist from any room in the house. For the greatest functionality, the UNO-TS1 Touch Screen (pictured below right) gives you all the data that you would have on your iPod screen (except cover art). 

     For most applications, we can program remote controls to work in any or all rooms, with local systems (your bedroom TV) and the server. Remote sensors can be installed so you don't need to point the remote at the volume control - you point it at whatever you decide (a unique idea is to put the sensor in the ceiling so that when you look at the remote in your hand, it's pointing the right way. Or better yet, let us program a Radio Frequency remote control so pointing is a thing of the past.

     Let us work with you to make the right decisions for your lifestyle. We will explain the benefits and the drawbacks of any option. We'll also be able to make suggestions based on the evolution of the industry.

Click HERE to see a comparison chart of the different levels of audio distribution