Audio Video, Home Theater and Computer Networks on Cape Cod

Soundwaves will draw up diagrams that enable the home owner, builder or other contractor to see exactly What is proposed. All diagrams are to scale. Cabinet drawing allow us to visualize where componets are going so that air flow can be controlled for cooling. Detailed, scaled drawings allow cabinet builders to precisely construct shelving

Creating a Rack Layout allows for the optimal product placement and air flow patterns to efficiently utilize the available space. Rack layouts also visualize what cabling is needed and the length of each cable.

For complex Distributed Audio Systems, a wiring Diagram is essential to visualize the signal lows and to make certain nothing is overlooked. Some diagrams show portions of the system, while others show the entire system.  Very complex system will have "layers" of wiring that can be visible or not.

Home Theater diagrams are also essential to establish sightlines, seating arrangements, Projector/Screen/Speaker placement as well as wall framing and riser sizes. No Home Theater should be designed without these elements.

On more complex systems, keeping the internal wiring neat is essential. When Soundwaves is wiring a home as it is being built or renovated, detailed photos are used to map precise locations that will be hidden once the walls go up.

Soundwaves of New England offers professional audio calibration using AudioControl's Room Calibration equipment to fine tune the system to your room. Specific Test tones and music are utilized to make sure the "Room is Tuned". Yamaha AV receivers have graphical equalization functions that allow Soundwaves to "dial in" the best sound from every speaker with AudioControl