Audio Video, Home Theater and Computer Networks on Cape Cod


Brands We Carry:
     Here is a list of the brands that we currently carry (although we are not limited to this list):

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D-ILA Front Projectors

Front Projection Screens


Step-Up Networking product 
at Step-down pricing

Consumer grade Networking product

High End, Green
Electronics & Calibration Company

Digital Surround Receivers, Blu-ray Players
Stereo Receivers, Amps, etc.

Wireless Streaming Music Distribution

Audio & Video Home Distribution
FM, Sirius & XM Tuners

The Leader in Wireless Audio

Power Distribution & Conditioning

Cooling solutions

System Remotes for all systems

Sound Abatement & Deadening

TV Mounts for everything

TV Mounts for everything

TV Mounts for everything

Audio/Video Stands

Complete Home Theater Design

Rack systems & Technical Furniture


The leader in Custom Speakers

Audiophile level British Studio
Monitors for your Home


High End Completely Customizable Speakers
including flat-panel specific models!

"DefTech" redefined the in-room loudspeaker
with slim profiles and built in subwoofers

Custom Built and Finished 
High End Loudspeakers

High-end British Speakers

A complete offering of loudspeakers and
 solution-based product

Amazing SoundBars and Bases

Budget Minded Custom Speakers

High End Outdoor Rock speakers

Value based Rock and Planter Speakers

Not Your Average Planter Speaker:
High End Looks, Build & Performance