Audio Video, Home Theater and Computer Networks on Cape Cod

     My name is Darren Grebe. As President of Soundwaves of New England I hold the greatest influence on the company's personality and performance, so here is my history:

     Iíve been involved with electronics since the middle 70ís and have worked within the Consumer Electronics industry for most of the last thirty years.  Since I love music, but can't play a note to save my life, I decided to enter the "recording" industry. I attended the Institute of Audio Research in NYC and have worked in studios and clubs doing professional sound reinforcement, lighting design and of course, being a roadie. I've designed, built, maintained, troubleshot, broke down, and sold a massive variety of sound systems, both pro and consumer. I am currently a CEDIA Level I Certified Installer (click on logo to visit CEDIA's certification site) and have been a Level II (letting it lapse was an unintended mistake) as recently as 2005.

     Iíve been installing custom electronics intermittently for over twelve years, the last four years on Cape Cod. Iíve had the distinct advantage of working for industry manufacturers: two companies which produce mid to high end speakers (MB Quart and KEF) and two companies that produce mid to high end electronics (Adcom and NAD). I've had the opportunity to design a surround speaker for MB Quart and I was involved in the very first digital processor offered by Adcom. Having worked both sides of trade shows, I have a perspective that most electronics integrators on the Cape donít have. By maintaining my industry contacts, my ear is always poised to hear the next generation of technology (which happens with great regularity). Since most of my industry jobs involved customer service, my main thrust is just that; giving the customer (both the home buyer and you) no reason to complain.

     Soundwaves of New England started in January of 2002, then known as Staris Consulting and Installation. With a new direction, new vendors and a new focus, a new name was needed; hence Soundwaves of New England.

     We are very involved in the Cape Cod community and we root very hard for the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins  and the Patriots!