Audio Video, Home Theater and Computer Networks on Cape Cod

Surround Systems (The Theater experience in any room of the house).
These are sometimes known as Media Rooms, Rec Rooms or Play Rooms. 
Three speakers up front, two in the rear and a Subwoofer makes up a 5.1 Surround System.
With the popularity of "Soundbars" that incorporate the front thee speakers, the system 
can be as aesthetically pleasing as you want.
Home Theater Rooms (Dedicated rooms for the theater experience).
If movies are important to you and you have some room in the basement, consider the all 
immersive experience of a full on 7.2.4 Home Theater. With the advent of  Dolby Atmos™ and DTS X™ 
(which allows the producers to place sounds in a 3D space), the experience is even more immersive.
Wi-Fi & Computer Networking (Internet Connectivity with Comcast, Verizon or Hughes)
Networks today need to be faster, wider, safer and more robust to allow all of the connected devices to
realize their potential. Whether it's wireless Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet, the system needs to be seamless.
Wireless Music in Every Room. (The new normal in Distributed Audio)
Today's music is  either streamed from the internet, played on your phone via the Cloud, or on
a networked Hard Drive in your home. The key is having access to all the options. Whether you
have an Apple™ or Android™ phone or tablet, Yamaha, Sonos and Russound have an option for you.
Today's TV installation is not like in the past.
The flat panels are usually hung on a wall with either a "flat", "tilt" or Swing-Arm" type mount with no wires
showing and full control. With TV's transition from HD to UHD (or from 1080 lines of resolution to 2160 lines),
new sources are being devised every day. Keeping up with the technology can be daunting. Let us help.
Commercial Audio (represents audio and video system for commercial locations)
Almost all businesses benefit from having music playing - whether it's Hotels, Bars, Night Clubs, Stores,
Offices, Warehouses, Town Halls, Marinas, etc.  You can play your own tunes or you can sign up for
Commercial accounts with many of today's most popular streaming services. There may also be a need for
other services, such as drop down projector screens, digital signage, paging or PA systems.