Audio Video, Home Theater and Computer Networks on Cape Cod


Single-Source Whole House Audio/Video (1 source in many rooms), 
Multi-Source Whole House Audio/Video (Any source in any room)
Surround Systems (The Theater experience in any room of the house).
These are sometimes known as Media Rooms
Home Theater Rooms (Dedicated rooms for the theater experience).
Got some room in the basement? Want to out-do the Jonses?
Computer Networking (Design, installation and support of LAN's),
Computer Support (Troubleshooting & fixing) and
Computer Training (personal training in your home)
Structured Wiring (Wiring the home while it's being built).
Making sure there is a phone, computer or cable outlet where it's needed
Integrating Your Audio and Video with the Internet. Apple™ and Android™ have
redefined the audio and video experience anywhere you go. See how.