Audio Video, Home Theater and Computer Networks on Cape Cod

Yamaha's Wireless Audio System - called MusicCast™ - surpasses its competitors by allowing a vast array of inputs and outputs on the units so they can be integrated into your home in many ways. It also is unique in the fact that they offer a line of A/V Surround Receivers that incorporates MusicCast™ so that your Surround Sound system becomes a zone. These photos represent a few screenshots from the app on a tablet

The Yamaha™  MusicCast™ app has some very cool features, such as having pictures represent each room or zone. You can use their included photos, or you can take one with your smartphone automatically. Streaming service include the most popular, such as Pandora™, SiriusXM™, Spotify™ and more. These photos represent a few screenshots from the app on a SmartPhone.  MusicCast also works with Alexa™ voice control

The Yamaha™  MusicCast™ line of product include a zone amplifier, zone preamplifier, Soundbars, self-contained wireless speakers and most importantly, Surround and Stereo receivers that allow a full fledged Surround sound System to become a zone in the MusicCast system.

A Yamaha MusicCast™enabled Sounbdbar (with wireless subwoofer) installed on a vaulted ceiling using a custom mount to create the perfect listening angle. This equipment cabinet houses four MusicCast™zone amplifiers along with a Stereo Receiver that powers the Great room zone (and allows for a huge array of additional sources). MusicCast™amplifiers can be installed vertically to help with any custom installation solutions.


Russound™ (the king of distributed audio) offers their Xstream™ system of streaming audio which has many scalable components - either single zone units, or their XZone4™ amp that has four discreet zones in once small package. Russound also offers a wall mounted Touch Screen for instant access (and for those who don't own SmartPhone - for whatever reason). These photos represent a few screenshots from the app (on phone and tablet)

RussoundXstream™ system consists of Zone amplifiers, zone preamps and an easy to integrate 4-zone, single rack space, Zone amp. Russound also offers a beautiful wall mounted touch screen controller for instant access and control (no fumbling for your smartphone to control the music).


One of the originators of Wireless Audio systems is Sonos™. Since many systems are upgrades from previous wired systems, all of the Sonos amps can be in one location. If needed, the Sonos amps can be distributed around the house. These photos show the former, with three, six and four zones, respectively. You can also have this setup and still add zones directly in the desired room - as long as there is Wi-Fi, you can add a zone.

This Sonos system has been upgraded by using the Sonos unit without an amp, and by using an AudioControlBijou™ Amplifiers that use audiophile grade amplification components and has its own upgraded D/A Converters. This system is beautifully displayed in the double rack with access from behind. Sonos is unique in the industry by having nearly every streaming service as an option.

An older Russound (wired) Distributed Audio System that utilizes keypads in each zone and AudioControl amplification and equalization. The unit sits in a space under the stairs, and it actively cooled by an ATM™ Cooling system and custom vents. This rack actually houses 12 Sonos units and is cooled using remote ATM cooling fan in the basement. This rack not only houses the equipment for a Surround sound system, but it also serves as a distribution system.

This rack system slides out into the "service" position with the help of rails temporarily laid on the floor. The hole under the rack forces cool air up into the rack. with an ATM fan in the basement. The finished rack houses a four zone Sonos system, with three other zones on the top floor. The hot air generated by the rack escapes though the grille above the door (and is force by the ATM fan below).  



The new type of In-Ceiling speaker has a "micro-bezel" grille which allows for a much cleaner look. Sonance™ was the first speaker company to introduce this advance and has a COMPLETE line of speakers to choose from. These photos show a 4", a 6.5" and an 8" grille. The grilles can be color matched.

These In-wall speakers are the equivalent counter to the In-Ceiling speakers. Either rectangular or square, the shape and size options (4", 6.5" and 8" - which represents the "woofer" size) allow for a variety of aesthetics. They all sport the Sonance paintable Micro Bezel.

Outdoor, weatherproof speakers are very popular on Cape Cod. They come in a huge variety of looks; these are the "on-house" type, being yoke-mounted and aimable. Sonance Mariner™ brand have a unique connection setup that ensures the speaker wire connections are inside the housing. These are the medium size - they also come in small and large. Sonance also has a series of In-Ceiling and In-Wall speakers called Xtreme.

The Sonance speakers come in black or white and the whites can be painted. Whether you choose a stereo pair, or if needed, a single speakers that plays both left and right channels (single-stereo), various sizes will allow for many options.

The other popular outdoor speaker are "rocks". These speakers look like garden rocks, but are, in fact, very robust speaker systems. They come in a huge variety of rock types (Cape Cod is usually the "granite" finish), sizes and layouts. There are even speaker "rocks" that are installed in rock walls. Soundwaves sells the prevalent StereoStone™ brand as well as the step up Rockustics™ brand. Sonance, Russound and others sell rock speakers offers high end, custom made speaker-planters. There is a style for nearly every back yard and a speaker configuration for every need. All speakers work as standard planters with water draining incorporated. All speakers are built to order. Here are three options. offers high end, custom made speaker-planters. Here are three more options, but there are many more. Check out their website!

Sonance offers a Landscape Series package for outdoors that utilizes a sunken subwoofer coupled with several small speakers that appear to be garden lighting. The concept is to have many small speakers to cover large areas, as opposed to two large speaker. This helps keep the sound "in YOUR yard" and not the neighbor's.

The  Sonance Landscape Series in a garden.
This is the top of the shelf system from Sonance. The LS68/SUB12E includes a 12" Subwoofer, eight (8) LS68 Satellites and a DSP 2-750 Digital Amplifier. Many other systems are offered, and you can mix and match to get the right system for your yard.

Closeup of the LS47SAT which uses a 3.5" midrange and 3/4" Tweeter
The top shelf LS86SAT has a 6" midrange and a 1/2" Tweeter Closeup of the LS48SAT which uses a 3.5" midrange and 1/2" Tweeter

Rockustic's rock speakers come in many designs, many finishes and with various speaker compliments..  This Rockustics rock is a Subwoofer that adds the bottom end to your backyard system Terra Cotta or Granite planters are also offered. The sound comes out from the bottom in a 360° pattern.

For the best of both worlds, this buried subwoofer from Rockustics looks like a rock aboveground. Rockustic's "Array" system has many options and sizes to fit your yard. Rockustics also offers unique ways of "hiding" speakers. Here are hanging coconut speakers!

Mounted under this porch bench, the black Mariner speakers are nearly invisible. This single-stereo Sonance Mariner covers the porch with sound.

More examples of Sonance Mariner speakers right on the waterfront. Sonance offers a 5 year limited warranty on their outdoor speakers.

Sometimes, the "Head End" where all the wires end up, can be cleaned up and organized by using Speaker Connector Wallplates. This is a 12 zone (24 speaker) over-sized panel This is a 4 zone (8 speaker) double-gang wallplate (empty and fully connected) with "Banana" Jacks.