Audio Video, Home Theater and Computer Networks on Cape Cod

Full custom cabinet wall with integrated 65" TV on a swing-arm mount.
Builder: Structures Building, Inc
Small, unobtrusive, high end, Sonance speakers are the front stage An old church, converted to a home incorporates a custom cabinet with Sonos Surround system
Builder: Cape Associates

Custom Cabinets house the TV and all electronics in the cabinet below. (The subwoofer is off the floor so it can be finished).
Builder: B&D Custom Builders
TV's can be recessed into cavities of varying designs
Builder: Windswept Homes

This living room houses a recessed TV over the fireplace with in-wall speakers from the front and in-ceiling speakers for the rears. An in-wall subwoofer completes the system and it is all controlled by a URC universal remote.
Builder: MacKenzie Brothers


The following set of photos show a fully integrated Surround sound System in a living room with the TV and fireplace as the focus.  The front speakers are in-walls that are tightly integrated into the custom cabinet. The TV has a a magnetized front frame that covers the bezel of the TV (and can be removed if the TV is changed. This is full future proofing.  The surround speakers are small, in-ceiling type centered in each coffer of the ceiling.        The home was build by B&D Custom Builders
The living room and open kitchen have full view of the TV. The home also includes a full Video and Audio Distribution system supporting 8 TV's, 6 sets of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers and two full Surround Sound Systems.
The subwoofer is an in-wall type and practically disappears in the wall. The cavity under the stairs acts as the sub's cabinet. More images of the TV and fireplace.
Cloesup of the fine finish require to integrate the speaker grilles into the cabinet. Speakers and grilles can be easily replaced if needed.


The following images show a basement game room/bar with a full 5.1 Surround Sound System centered on a 65" TV.  The electronics are housed in a hidden cabinet under the stairs with a pull-out & Swivel equipment rack.  The entire basement was beautifully renovated by Peter Fellman Builders.
The shuffle board is tucked under the TV to allow for more space in the rest of the room The TV and half wall as seen from the back bar. The wall that hides the equipment rack.
A view of the TV and speakers from the other side of the pool table. The rear surround speakers are small, unobtrusive, high-end speakers. The equipment rack with the door open.

This custom cabinet was build halfway into the wall, so there is access to the equipment in the cavity below. Builder: B&D Custom Builders A side view of the half cabinet.
Builder: B&D Custom Builders
A full view (from the back corner, where the subwoofer resides.   Builder: B&D Custom Builders The front Left and Right speakers are hidden behind custom grilles inserted into the shelves. Custom grilles by Soundwaves, Custom Cabinet by B&D Custom Builders

This living room has a surround sound system using KEF Thin series On-Wall speakers for the front stage. The system with the freestanding cabinet below.
The front of the speakers are on the same plane as the TV for a better aesthetic. The surround speakers and the Subwoofer are all KEF. Seen from the side, the system hugs the wall.

This Living Room TV is augmented by a 2-channel Soundbar mounted above the TV. The equipment is located in the cabinets below and is fan cooled to keep all of the product operating at peak performance. 
Builder: Rycon Group, Inc.

This custom Surround System uses Thiel Speakers behind custom grilles. The custom made rack not only pulls out, but swivels, too. The pull out rack and the B&O CD changer vertically mounted on the wall.
The Pioneer Plasma, being quite old now, is still an amazing picture. McIntosh components are  complemented by Panamax power conditioners The entire system integrates into the wooden wall. The cavity in the ceiling goes up to the Widow's Walk.